Online Payroll Management


Processing payroll isn’t usually at the top of the most fun things to do, 

you’ll enjoy easier and faster payroll processing, giving you more time for things that matter.

Get to spend more time with family and friends with lesser OT demands!

Seamless Integration with Existing Biometrics

Do you have a biometric system in place? No worries!our payroll software can integrate with any biometric device so you can get started in no time.

User-friendly and Intuitive Interface

Our payroll software is so user-friendly, even non-Accountants can handle it. Your company’s payroll processor or HR staff can master the app and start running payroll in just 2 days.

Access Payslips From Anywhere

Employees can access their payslips online from any device. Your data goes where you go! 

24/7 World Class Support Just for You

We have an entire team of dedicated Payroll experts available just for you. Get your questions answered 24/7 with our live chat support, email ticketing system, dedicated Account Managers, and a continuously growing knowledge-base