Accounting Management System

Accounting Management System-Desktop Application

Sheffrey Information Technology Solutions has developed a leading Accounting Management Software solution that provides a holistic and scalable solution for automating processes, integrating business systems, and fostering collaboration and continuous improvement. Within increasing globalization and complexity of organizations today, maintaining a strong level of visibility and control over the management system requires a shift in the global view of quality. In addition, consumer’s exposure to quality has a direct impact on their product choices. Companies put quality at the forefront of their company strategy. With increasing focus on quality as a company-wide initiative, there is a need for solutions to help gain the needed visibility and control. Not only in being able to control their management processes, but also having the visibility for a top-down view on the entire Management System. Having a software solution that provides the control, process automation, and reporting visibility to achieve quality management system objective is key to success.


Requirements : Dual Core CPU or Higher, Windows OS (Windows 7 or Windows 10), 500gb Hard Disk and 8gb Memory