Online Warehouse Management System

Online Warehouse Management System-Multiple Store

Our online warehouse management control system helps you track inventory operations inside and outside of your location, or at multiple location. Centralize and automate the management of data collection and reporting. From inventory control, shipping and receiving to order fulfillment, Passport for warehouse management helps businesses manage their warehouse properly, potentially saving thousands of peso due to improved efficiency, accuracy and reporting.


  • Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses
  • Track All Inventory Received
  • Receive Using Purchase Order (PO) 
  • Reduced Time to Receive and Issue Out Inventory
  • Receive to a Default Location or to a Selected Location
  • Receive Using Unit Of Measurement (UOM)
  • Issue Against Sales Order (SO) 
  • Provides Global and Local Inventory Levels
  • Maintain Standard Inventory Cost
  • Maintain Supplier Information
  • Automatic Reorder Quantity