Online Pawnshop System Multiple Store

Is your company already well established in the business of pawning, buying and selling jewelry, collectibles, electronics, firearms, gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals? Are you thinking about opening more stores and expanding your operation? Maybe you are just starting out and considering getting into the pawn business? The economy is bad and consumers need cash. There’s a lot of money to be made, but mistakes or an inefficient process can cut deeply into your profits. You need help scaling up your business, applying your policies consistently, and ensuring every store is making intelligent decisions to make you the most profit possible.

Sheffrey Information Technology Solutions, a leader in the logistics and supply chain industry brings you the pawn shop system needed to profitably expand your operations and setup additional storefronts for pawning, buying and selling any kind of item. Our unique software, Online Pawnshop System Multiple Store, gives you a complete tool to speed-up, control and manage the point of sale with professional support to pawn, buy & sell any kind of merchandise. It provides operational controls, quick retail transactions, monitoring and management capabilities needed for large, multi-store businesses. It is a complete system for pawn shops, gold buyers, bullion traders, refiners, coin dealers, jewelry shops, second hand dealers and scrap metal recycles. 

Our software automates spot price downloads and give you the pricing intelligence to ensure you always use the spot price that is most favorable to your business. Go paperless and capture merchandise photos, digital fingerprints, electronic signatures and scan I.D. barcodes with ease. Use the integrated reporting to manage profits, study and compare trends over time, by store, by salesperson, by customer and product type. Monitor and audit your store activity and employee transactions in real-time to prevent employee theft. Track your assets, cash, stores and inventory. Analyze key performance and financial indicators.

We even offer on-site software installation, training, and optional hardware and computer equipment to make it easy to get started.